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MT Meikle

MT Meikle is the founder and owner of La Closette. MT has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry – as a stylist, a model, and in fashion merchandising. Through La Closette, MT shares her belief that fashion should be accessible to all – regardless of body type and budget. With a keen sense of what is current and a realistic view of wearable style, she brings her well-trained eye to many happy, confidently dressed men and women from all walks of life. MT also offers her fashion knowledge to the corporate world through presentations, fashion consulting to retailers and designers on market development. Prior to founding La Closette, MT earned her BScN at McMaster University and practiced for over a decade as a registered nurse specializing in public health, mental health and eating disorders.

Irene Kim

Irene is an owner of La Closette. After a serendipitous encounter with MT, Irene brought her deep understanding and lifelong love of fashion to La Closette in 2012. Through La Closette, Irene shares her conviction that men and women can reflect their best selves through their style and fashion choices. Irene also offers her knowledge to business clientele through seminars and presentations. She loves working with clients, and her meticulous and detailed-oriented nature means she is also chiefly responsible for La Closette’s operations. Prior to joining La Closette, Irene earned her LL.B at Western University and practiced as a securities lawyer in Toronto.