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Online Style Consulting

A versatile wardrobe without ever stepping foot into a store.

You’re here because you heard great things about us from your friend, mom or boss, and want to work with us. Now you can, even if you’re not living in the Greater Toronto Area.

We know the personal stylist relationship is truly “personal” in every sense of the word.

We get to know your dreams, your fears; we see you elated and deflated; we get to know you. Which is why our online style consulting program will always retain that personal element. No algorithms or commissions. Just us doing what we do best—helping you put forth your best self in every arena of your life.

My experience with you was killer, I had such an incredible time and getting dressed has been a breeze ever since. Thank you so much for everything!

She’s smart and gets my needs as a busy professional and mom.

With little guidance, she helps me elevate my fashion choices in a way that works with my budget and comfort level. She is approachable and open to feedback — I feel heard and respected. It costs money, yes, but in the end I buy items that actually work vs before when I spent more money on fancier brands, but they rarely worked. I’m also more knowledgeable re what works for me so when I do spend on higher quality items I know it’s worth it.

Ready to look and feel your best?