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Why do I need you to clean out my closet? Can’t I do that by myself?


If it were that easy, you probably would have done it by now :). The most successful style transformations begin in the closet. It may be bursting with gems or rubbish, or it may be empty, but it’s where we can assess what you actually have and what you actually need. You might want to get shopping right away, but trust us, it’s worth the time to do a thorough closet review.

I don’t live in the Greater Toronto Area, and I want more than your Online Style Consulting services—I want you in person! Can you travel to me?


We do travel to see clients nationally and internationally. Each situation is unique, so please email us at contact@laclosette.com or through our Contact page.

Do you offer gift certificates?


Yes! Stylish ones, naturally. They will arrive packaged and wrapped. Please email us at contact@laclosette.com or through our Contact page with the amount and details.

I also want advice on my hair, makeup and, even, public speaking. Can you help?


Absolutely. We have a trusted network of professionals who keep our clients happy in other aspects of their personal and professional image.

I like you gals! I wonder whether we can collaborate on [insert amazing, creative, fun, fabtabulous project here]?


We’d love to hear your ideas! Email us at contact@laclosette.com or through our Contact page.