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Personal Style Consulting

You’re here because you want to look and feel your very best.

Our personal style consulting services have helped hundreds of men and women put forth their best selves in every arena of their lives by offering a fresh and discerning perspective on building your individual style. We get to know you and your goals through a collaborative approach, and always at a premium level of service and with a personal touch.

Closet Refresh

Your style transformation begins here: in your closet.

Are you regularly buying clothes that don’t fit? Are you stuck in a style rut? We help you get to the root of your style issues in your closet. We assess your current wardrobe and decide what to keep, donate and what you need to add.

Personal Shopping

Spend less time shopping and more time looking and feeling your best.

No time to shop or simply don’t enjoy it? Do you need an outfit for a special event? Whatever your style needs, trust us to find the perfect pieces for you.


Turn a closet full of “I have nothing to wear” into dozens of stylish new outfits.

With our considered and informed eye, you’ll be amazed by how many outfits we can create from what you already own.