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With the recent snowfall to hit Southern Ontario, we can’t be storing our boots and puffers just yet…even though we’re in for a mild streak for the next couple of weeks (says Environment Canada, apparently). When you’re grateful for your warm parka one day, but sweating in it the next, it’s time to get creative with your wardrobe through the final stretch of winter. 

Here are five ways to freshen up your outfits during a month of capricious weather with your favourite spring pieces.

Summer Dresses

Now is the time to pull out your summer dresses and skirts! Wear them with semi-opaque tights and boots, whether ankle, knee-high, or over-the-knee. Layer dresses over a fitted turtleneck, throw on your favourite chunky sweater or blazer, or all of the above! These days we enjoy pairing dresses with oversized puffy coats as an unexpected combo. 

Baseball Hats

Swap out your winter knit toque out for a sleek black baseball hat. Wear your hair down for a fun, sporty vibe – even when you’re wearing heels!

Winter Whites

Missing your go-to summer white denim? Pull them out! We tend to shift to darker tones during the cold months, but let’s remember one of the many reasons we love summer is the freedom to wear those fresh whites and give our blacks a break. Wear them with your black booties or a pair of loafers with socks. Throw on a fitted black turtleneck for a chic, minimalist look. Or go all in with white-on-white and wear a white cashmere sweater, or a casually tucked in white shirt. 

Trench Coats

No longer confined to just rainy days, trench coats have been the go-to choice of outwear for trend setters everywhere. Layering is the key to wearing trenches in March. Wear your favourite button-down shirt under a chunky knit sweater and, if your trench is especially roomy, add a blazer, scarf and your baseball hat. Voila! 

Sandals With Socks

We love using this styling trick to get more mileage out of our pretty summer sandals (and pumps). For the sock and sandal newbie, try coloured or patterned socks with simple, tone-on-tone outfits. If you’re already wearing a statement outfit, match the socks to the colour of your sandal (e.g. black socks with black sandals) for a minimal effort, instant high-fashion look.

LA CLOSETTE can help you make the most of what’s already in your closet to put together your transition looks! Contact us to make an appointment today!