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As we near the end of another season of puffers, lug boots and the perennial cozy knit, it’s time to get excited about the approaching warm weather and the strappy, square-toe sandals you’ll be wearing all summer!

Pile of clothes on a checkered floorLarge pile of clothes with a black background

But before stepping foot into a store or tapping your keyboard to snap up fresh new spring styles, we can’t stress enough how important it is to first do a thorough closet edit. Taking a good look at your closet before buying anything is smart! Ultimately, your shopping will be more efficient, economical and sustainable. 

Now get comfortable, a closet edit can be a big job! We recommend starting by pulling everything out of your closet and onto your bed (this will encourage you to get it done before bedtime!). You’ll need to decide what to keep, donate (if gently used) or discard (if unwearable).

Keep what you love, wear often, and feel great wearing. Commit to mending, dry cleaning and altering the pieces that need love. Get rid of pieces that don’t work for your shape, you don’t feel good in, or haven’t worn in years (and, let’s face it, you probably never will). The goal is to end up with a wardrobe that is functional, versatile and that you love; a place you’re excited to face every morning, knowing you will feel confident in whatever you wear!

After completing this often physically rigorous task (and admiring how much space has opened up in your closet), it’s time to look at what’s missing.

It could be everyday basics, such a couple of go-to pants for work, or layering pieces under blazers. Maybe you often feel you don’t have the right shoes for your outfits, or not many options which are casual but still feel pulled together. Or maybe you’re looking for updated pieces which will feel more current for the upcoming season. Whatever you choose, it’s important to keep in mind your lifestyle needs (functionality!), how it will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe (versatility!), and of course, you should love it!

We here at LA CLOSETTE believe the most successful style transformations begin in your closet. Contact us so we can help you!